Kate Middleton For July 11Delivery at 15k Delivery Suite

Several dates have been floating around online as the delivery date for Kate Middleton's baby but July 11 seems to be the most popular. While Buckingham Palace announced that Kate’s due date is in mid-July without confirming a specific date, US weekly can confirm July 11 as the actual due date.

Reports say PrinceWilliam and Kate Midleton are currently spending the final moments of her pregnancy at Nottingham Cottage on the grounds of Kensington Palace in London, located just across town from St. Mary’s Hospital, where the baby girl will be born!

The royal baby is expected to be born in a luxury suite. The cost of a suite at the unit is $9,469 for a one-night stay with no complications and $3,325 for each extra night.
Kate middleton delivery suite
According, Sun.co.uk, the royal family will shell out over $15,000 for the baby's delivery.
Based on a trouble-free three-night stay, Kate’s bill will top$15,000 — and it is possible she and Wills have booked more than one suite.
All rooms have satellite TV, wi-fi, radio and a safe. The wing also offers a “comprehensive wine list” and bottles can be chilled in the suite’s fridge.
A fresh bouquet of flowers are delivered every day and blackout curtains ensure total privacy.
E! Online reports St. Mary's Hospital had earlier suggested that Kate brings her maternity notes, birth plan, dressing gown, nursing bras and outfits for her and the little one to wear home. The royal baby will arrive anytime soon, today!

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