What to do when you are bored

Am bored! How often do you hear this or see people post it on various social media? You must have found yourself in this situation too. It’s not unusual, it’s not about you alone; everybody at one point or the other experiences boredom.
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So what exactly is boredom? Why and when are you bored? We like to think it is that stale feeling you experience when you have nothing in particular to do in other to engage your time, or when you find your immediate environment not exciting enough to engage you. It however means different things to different people. Nonetheless, it is not an exciting moment and so we always tend to find a way to escape it.
Looking for things to do when you are bored? Do something! It’s probably a great time to explore and enjoy your creative, productive and weird side. Get something doing to occupy your time. Something you will enjoy. There are lots of things to do when you are bored. Let me share with you some things you can basically do during your moment(s) of boredom that will turn your boredom to an exciting moment.

Play Computer Games
This, I think is top on my list of things I do when am bored. Try playing computer games and completing all the tasks. You can invite a friend and play with him/her whether online or offline. If you can’t get someone, play with the computer. Try increasing the difficulty levels to make it harder for you. Get safe and secure fun, family-friendly casual games  for your PC or Mac on  BigFishGames - the biggest site you can get fun, family-friendly casual games

Take a Walk
Take a walk around the neighborhood. Try to go near places you have never been to in the neighborhood. If you have a dog, you can walk your dog. If you don’t you can offer to walk a neighbor’s. You’d be amazed to discover new things.

Watch Funny Videos
Lots of them on Youtube. For example, go to Youtube and type ‘Funny things’ or ‘Try not to Laugh’ in the search bar. Laugh away your boredom. Go here for more hilarious videos.

Play Intelligence Games Online.
Measure up your intellect. It's fun! For intelligence games check out BigFish for amazing brain teaser games. You can play IQ tests online on Begent or Intelligence test. This is hoping you do well.

Read Books
Forget your academic books for now, you will find them boring too. Read comic books, fiction, sci-fi, romance novels, etc. Have you read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson yet? You may also want to check out some amazing Body, Mind & Spirit Books.

Watch Movies
Watch thrilling movies. It would get you busy again. You should have Netflix or Hulu  to find, select and watch as many movies and TV episodes you want anytime you are feeling bored.

Launch a Website/blog
Great time to get your own website/blog and share your thoughts, opinions, ideas, photos, videos and so on with friends and the world.

Do Something Crazy
Yeah. Hint? Change your ‘relationship status’ on Facebook (not recommended if you are married. HA!). Another? Prank your friends, figure out something, have fun while at it. Make a video of yourself doing some funny stuff, like ‘twerking’ and oh, the good ole ‘gangnam style’ dance. Upload the video to Youtube and share with friends on your social networks and see what they think.

Improve Your Personality
Ok, take a look at the mirror. Is there anything you will want to change about yourself? Like lose some weight? Gain weight, clear acne, cut nails, grow or remove hair in some places, etc. You might want to use time to work on it. Search for help online and get the information and motivation you need.

More things to do when you are bored?
You can try answering all the questions on YahooAnswers.

Read Blogs and Comments
Don’t just read the news/stories on your favorite websites/blogs. Read what people are saying about the stories in the comments. Some comments are quite hilarious and silly that you will be like, what the hell! Try comments on Huffigntonpost or Yahoo

Go window shopping
Yes! Walk around stores and malls, see what's in stock, see if there are new arrivals. Try them on if you like, or if you are permitted.

Pretty decent list right? There are definitely endless things you can do when you are bored. Just find any way to engage yourself and make sure it is captivating enough for you. How do you overcome boredom? Let's know in the comments.

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