Rihanna Donates Equipments worth $1.75 Million to Barbados Hospital

Pop Star Rihanna has donated three pieces of equipment worth more than $1.75 million to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in her native Barbados. The donations under the Clara Lionel Foundation which is named after her grandparents, Clara and Lionel Brathwaite. Rihanna made the presentation herself outside the radiotherapy building, which was renamed the Clara Braithwaite Centre for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine.  

“This was my way of giving back to Barbados, in a form of philanthropy, by assisting the QEH in its continued modernization program,” she told E! News. “I believe that this will have a huge impact on the people of Barbados. This was all done to save lives or at least extend them.”

In other Rihanna is Barbados news, the Pop Star's vacation home in Babados has been hit by an intruder. Police were called to the house in Barbados where Rihanna is staying after a man was found trespassing on the property.

The singer was luckily out with friends when the unidentified man attempted to enter the house wearing nothing but a pair of swimming trunks. However, by the time they showed up, the man, believed to be a German national, had wandered off. Police say they don't believe the man was s stalker.


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