Netflix experiencing second outage in December

For the second time in a month (first on Christmas Eve and now on New Year Eve today) Netflix is experiencing an outage. Netflix’s service has again gone down today, according to a message posted on the Netflix website, dozens of reports from users on Twitter, and other third-party website monitoring services. Netflix’s official accounts have not yet been updated with any details about today’s issues, which have been underway all morning long

On the Netflix website, users currently see a message that reads:
We’re Sorry
The Netflix site is temporarily unavailable. Our engineers are working hard to bring the site back up as quickly as possible.
Netflix recently recovered from a long Christmas Eve outage, which the company later blamed on issues with its Amazon host, and specifically with Amazon Web Service’s Elastic Cloud Balancing API calls. At the time, users were pointed to @netflixhelps for an update. That account, has now updated. the message was not about the outage
Because some users are reporting trouble with the DVD side of the website and others with streaming, it’s unclear at this time which aspects of Netflix’s site and service have been affected or how widespread those problems are. For what it’s worth, streaming is working for some but the DVD side of the site is down. Perhaps some users are seeing the error message upon login to Netflix.com, and are assuming that the whole service (including streaming) is affected. However, without official confirmation, thats only a guess.


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